Tips to make events posting more effective?

First of all, draft your post carefully and completely, including all necessary information such as event description, time, location, audience, cost, organizer / sponsor, and contact info. As you save the post, make sure that Google Map correctly marked the location. Sometimes a missing zip code or a typo in street address would confuse Google Map and make it mark a wrong place. You need also pay special attention to make sure that the event date and time are correct. Because we display events based on the date you provide: Event Calendar displays events on the day(s) that they are happening, and the Event Map displays events that are happening and will happen in the coming 30 days.

Secondly, include some appealing images. "A picture is worth a thousand words", which is especially true here. Since most of our readers at Key2ARTS are artists and art enthusiasts. We are VISUAL ANIMALS!

Thirdly, post the event at least a few days before the first day that the event happens. Besides displaying events through online calendar and map, we also distribute upcoming events through newsletters. Since our mailing list is large and is expanding quickly, it takes a couple of days for a newsletter to be delivered to every subscribers. Also, you cannot expect everyone to open the newsletter immediately after it is delivered to one's mail box. So please do remember to leave plenty of time for information being transmitted and digested.

Last but not least, complete your profile page information! A curious visitor or a serious buyer would like to check who made the post, and what kind of posts the same author posted before. They can get such information by checking your profile page. A trail of high quality posts would definitely help to build your reputation and help to attract more serious visitors in the future.