What distinguishes Key2ARTS from other on line art selling websites?

Most of the art selling websites only help you sell your art online. At Key2ARTS, we help the world know more about you and your art, gain publicity and visibility through your online and off line activities. As you are building up your reputation as an artist or art organization in the art community, more people will get to know you and your art through internet and in life, and may eventually buy your art.  

It doesn't matter if you sell your art in galleries, in art shows, in your own studio, or through your own website or other online art selling providers, you can create a free artist profile page at Key2ARTS, and post your show information on our community event list and event map, which is accessible by everyone who visits Key2ARTS.
Your Key2ARTS profile page serves as a comprehensive information center for people who want to know you as an artist or art organization. They can find your online gallery, link to your own website, your recent blog, classes you teach, and your upcoming / passed show information conveniently. People who like your art can follow up you, and contact you directly through private message. When you post artwork, blog or event information on Key2ARTS, you can choose to also post it simultaneously on Key2ARTS' FaceBook Page or your own FaceBook wall, send a tweets through your Twitter account, so that your FaceBook / Twitter fans will know it immediately. Then you don't need to post the same information to your other social network accounts again and again.   
We would like to make Key2ARTS a platform for artists to connect with the world, and marketing their art through multiple social networking tools easily, effectively and efficiently. We hope by working together with thousands artists including you,  we can help the world know better about art, artists, and their life.