The Cats and the Fire Making Roosters

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Juliet Mevi
Dimensions: 10 in × 10 in × 2 in

This is a series of 4 paintings depicting an old tale. The tale goes like this: a long time ago, all cats were subservient to roosters. The cats believed the combs of the roosters were the source of fire. Thus the cats waited on the roosters allowing the roosters to be the supreme masters. The roosters lived the high life. However, one day, the mother cat, weary of her life, starts to think ans says to herself, "maybe the roosters are not the source of fire". She wants to know. She asks her kitten to bring some twigs. Once the roosters are asleep she creeps up to the roosters and touches the twigs to their combs. And, lo and behold, the twigs do NOT catch fire. From that day on the cats no longer lived in fear of the roosters nor did they serve as their servants ever again...The reference for these illustrations is an old 1930's California State reader.

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