Just That

Just That
Rachel Tirosh
Mixed Media, Acrylic on wood panel
Dimensions: 20 in × 0.75 in × 16 in

In my paintings, I work with ordinary materials and transform them into 3D texture on the canvas. I use a layering technique for both texture and colors. One of my favorites is using a lot of water with glue and pure pigments. The spontaneity of the water expresses motion and emphasizes the texture’s surface. As an electrical engineer I spend a lot of time learning and following specific rules to design electronic systems. The only criteria for success is working by specifications on time. With art I found the freedom to create anything without bounding rule. For me there is no right or wrong. My art stems from my desire for free expression and fun.
When I start working on a canvas, I never know what the results will be. I stop the layering process when the painting is presenting itself to me. Although at the end of the day the interpretation is in the eyes of the viewer.
Here I experimented using the "wrong" side of the board, this created a built in frame. It was a long struggle to include the frame into the painting. Like including someone or something new into your life.

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