Relax In Yellow

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Susan Kraft
Acrylic Flow
Dimensions: 20 in × 1 in × 16 in

This piece is from a new series, "Smooth". Seeing this work, you can feel the alternating wash of warmth and coolness as the subtle shapes and hues sink into your consciousness. This flat technique (as opposed to easel work) allows a invigorating play between the serenity on the surface and the underlying color forms. It is as if you are standing in front of reflection pools. What you see depends on you, the viewer.
Debuting at The Main Gallery’s February exhibition is this new series of acrylic paintings, such as "Late Afternoon​​" seen above. Each painting shows tremendous depths of color, it lays like melted glass now cool to the touch. The grand gallery walls are hung with giant polished rectangular panels filled alternating layers of raspberry red and stormy purple that are slashed with frothy fields of wispy white and coffee. Along the shorter walls are book-sized pieces dipped in bright pools of yellow neighboring blankets of aqua and joined with stripes of black or deep red.

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