Introducing Key2ARTS New Frontpage

Introducing Key2ARTS New Front Page

 The Key2ARTS new front page is designed for both users and search engines to reach content easily. It is composed of 4 sections. 

Key2ARTS virtual art gallery


1. Virtual Art Gallery:

12 pieces of artwork are randomly chosen and displayed from the art library that is contributed by our member artists. 

Clicking the artwork image or the title will bring you to the page displaying detailed information about the artwork.

Clicking the artist name will lead you to the artist's profile page and his/her personal online gallery.  


2. Local Art Events: 

If you are checking the website with your smartphone, you may aware that the website is asking your permission to get your location. This is why it asks so. With your location information, the website will calculate and display two art events that are closest to where you are.

Clicking the event title will bring you to the page with the detailed event info. If you want to see more events, just click "more" at the lower right corner of this section.



3. Meet The Artists and Local Art Societies

As a visitor, you may want to know more about the people who created the art or who organized or posted the events. Here is the place you can check and find more such info. 12 artists and 12 local art organizations are displayed in this section. Clicking their photos can bring you to their Key2ARTS profile pages.

The display rules are as follows:

For artists, we promote the most recently active 12 who had profile picture uploaded. If you are an artist user, you can check or uncheck the "Hide my profile" checkbox in your account profile settings to control whether to display your profile picture or not at the frontpage, and the "Member" page.

For art organization users, we also promote the most recently active 12, who have filled all required information in their account, and have their profile pictures uploaded.   

4. Art Blogs

If you are curious about what artists are doing in the world, how they do art in their ways, and how creative or crazy they could be, here is the place you can have fun! Thanks Mai, our enthusiastic and diligent blog writer,  we now have almost daily art blog update. The most recent 6 blog entries are displayed in this section. By the way, as an artist, art organization, or an art enthusiast, you are always welcome to share your passion and art practice with us by posting a blog!   




Key2ARTS is an art community for individual artists, art clubs, galleries, museums, art schools, and simply anyone who enjoys art. We look forward you join us. Together we can make this world a better and more beautiful place.




Introducing Key2ARTS New Frontpage
Dance by Henri Matisse
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