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I was born in and raised around Washington D.C., with two forays to the Middle East while my father worked for the United Nations. The first of these occurred during the Sinai Campaign of the late 1950s, and led to a five month sojourn in Rome that continues to influence my work today. I moved to California in 1970 to attend the California College of Arts and Crafts (as it was then), and have been making works on paper for over twenty years. I am fascinated by the difference a simple mark can make in a drawing and by human and animal forms.

My work has been reproduced in 100 Artists of the Male Figure, edited by
E. Gibbons, in the magazine The Art of Man, and Hot Poems for Warm Friends, a book of poems by George Paris. My prize winning drawing, The Judgment of paris 22" appears (poorly reproduced) in My Gay Eye, published by the Tom of Finland Foundation.