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Carl Yoshihara
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I've been creating art for 40+ years. For the most part I'm self taught when it comes to the materials I use. I've also created the art that I love without the distraction of any critics or feedback. It's allowed me to follow my own path and do what I want the way I want. Up until recently I'd create artwork, call it finished and put it away. Often not even showing or sharing it. So some of the things you see here now, have never been shared with the public or even family and friends.

My works range from paintings, sculpture, digital music, food and recently I've been doing more photography. Life is Art and Art is Life. There is to much to do and experience. I don't limit myself to one particular media or style, although if you look close you can see an underlying sense of aesthetics. For the most part my art is outwardly simple, but it takes me a considerable time to condense a wide range of emotions, insights and thought into my work.

Since I am finally getting around to showing and selling my art, I would consider myself an emerging artist.