Daniela Friedmann

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Daniela Friedmann
My Little Bio

Born in Romania, I studied at the University of Bucharest, receiving a M. Sc. in Geological Engineering. After three years of working in the field, my husband and I moved to Israel.
For me this meant a change of career, and gave me the opportunity to work as a Research Assistant in Marine Biology Department of the National Institute of Oceanography in Haifa, Israel. After twelve years of living and working in Israel, my husband was reassigned to a new project in Silicon Valley, so in the summer of 2002, we both moved to California.
At first, I continued to work as a Marine Biologist with the Smithsonian Institute doing contract work. This left me ample free time, which I used for taking a variety of art classes in the Bay Area. After two years, though, I stopped working in order to pursue my dream: to dedicate as much of my time to painting and drawing.
All my life I have enjoyed being outdoors, observing and marveling at Nature’s beautiful creations. What attracts me and sparks my creative core is natural form, vivid color and the contradictions generated by the extremes found in Nature: symmetry and chaos, light and dark, smooth and rough.
I’ve joined the Los Altos Art Club in 2005, was elected Secretary of the club, and more recently have served as the Vice President. I continue to enjoy my involvement in many activities of the club, and enroll in as many art classes and open studios as time and budget permit.
As for my tools, I like to use dry media (soft pastel, charcoal, graphite, Conté) for still life, portrait and figure drawing; acrylics for abstract paintings; and occasionally, I create Chinese brush paintings on rice paper.
I show my works at different venues in the area through the Los Altos Art Club (www.losaltosartclub.org) and I enjoy the challenge of art competitions.
I have won several ribbons in local juried shows, as well as second place in the student/still life category (Pastel) of the 23rd Annual Art Competition of the “Artist’s Magazine” in 2006.