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Doug Parks
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Born in San Francisco in 1955, Doug has spent virtually his entire life in Northern California.
He began taking pictures as a young boy with his Brownie Automatic that he took with him
everywhere. He learned the appreciation and to be inspired by nature by spending time
outdoors with his father through hiking, camping, hunting and fishing throughout the western
United States.

Doug’s images are in his home area of northern California and the Hawaiian islands where
there is a wide variety of natural wonders to behold. However there are images from around
the world, including Asia, Europe and the tropical areas Doug loves to travel to. !
Never rushing to take the photo, he returns to areas many times until “things are just right”.
He takes the time to understand what it was that drew his eye towards that subject before
pressing the shutter release. Doug is always on the lookout for natural texture and color to
capture for his “moments of time”.