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Kathy Qi
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Kathy Qi is a photographer and founder of Key2ARTS Art Community. She started her journey in photography since 1995, when she bought her first film camera. She found her passion to capture and share the beautiful things in everyday life and in travel. Having a profession in software engineering, she taught herself photography skills through reading and practicing, visiting museums and studying different forms of art. She found art not only reflects the artist's own creativity and imagination, but also conveys how we see and understand the world from an unique angle, as an individual. Seeing the world through other people's perspective can often bring us completely new understanding to things that we are already familiar with, which helps us to find new opportunities and open new communication channels. It is fascinating experience that she enjoys and likes to share with you.

For everyone of us, life is a unique journey of learning and discovering. We may all have experienced the moment when we are touched by the soft petals of an opening flower; the magic moment when some deep insight were suddenly enlightened by seeing a bird flying over the cloud, or the sunshine through the leaves in the redwoods... A photographer is someone who is sensitive to such touching moment, captures and preserves the moment and the feeling, and invoke the resonance from those who view the photograph. A successful photographer is not only a keen observer, but also a communicator who can talk directly to the heart, without using language.

Kathy believes that everyone was born with the gift to be an artist. It is our natural instinct to love and pursue beautiful things. Everyday, if we look at the world with children's curiosity and artist's sensitivity, we can always discover something new and exciting.