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Kenneth E Mahar
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Ken is a native of California where he has been a full time resident, His passion for photography has evolved from initially photographing and recording building work projects. He has expanded this into creating surreal architectural design pieces with custom framing to enhance the abstract image. Recent trips to Africa and Costa Rica have broadened his wildlife, and nature photography with unique close-ups of many endangered and threatened animals. His concern for the African people has lead him to help by donating a portion of his African image sales to Hope Streams Academy in Nairobi, Kenya to assist with children’s education.
Ken’s art is driven by shape, color, texture and lighting to create his visions of beauty. His subjects include structures, landscape, macro, and wildlife photography. Ken’s core belief is that we are here to observe with minimal impact to our environment or wildlife and his goal is to capture the world as he enjoys it. Ken uses a variety of print medium including photo paper, metallic paper, aluminum, rag paper and canvas to enrich the appropriate image.
Ken was a featured artist and a core member of Avenue Art in San Mateo. Ken shows his Art throughout the bay area and Sierra Foothills
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Email: [email protected]