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I spent my childhood and teenage years in India where we lived in different parts of the country and traveled widely. I have always wanted to capture the emotions accompanying the experience of different cultures, festivals, languages, colors, architecture and people that each new city has to offer. Also, having an artist for a mother was very influential towards me entering the artistic world. I grew up looking at my mother's creations around our home and thought: How wonderful it is to create something!

I dabbled a bit during my childhood and college years. Mostly, I made charcoal paintings as parting gifts for my friends when I moved around. After many interruptions due to life, I took up photography as a hobby in 2008 and decided to start painting again in 2011. I took a few watercolor and oil painting classes throughout the year to help me get started. While I love photography, painting gives me a stronger sense of satisfaction and the incomparable achievement of creating something.

I love deep emotions and colors and I try to portray them on canvas. I am constantly thinking of new ways of expressing original ideas, and there are many things that inspire me to paint. Sometimes it’s the season, sometimes a photograph I take or sometimes even a wall in my home tells me what to make! Mostly, it’s the places I travel to; a new environment foments new thoughts and ideas. It gives me exposure and takes me through a wonderful journey in life.

I pursue my photography with equal enthusiasm and I am mainly interested in low-light phototgraphy, table-top & food, portraits and events. Recently I discovered the joy of baking and have started blogging about it, which also helps me improve my food photography.