Rosa Farinas

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Rosa Farinas
My Little Bio

Since my childhood I have been fascinated with art expressions so I explored a variety of art like drawing, painting, wood burning and ceramics. Later in life I concentrate on drawing, watercolors and acrylics more deeply. I have been lucky to have wonderful teachers that encouraged me to express my feelings along with developing technique.

Some of my mentors were: Ken Young, Oneida Hammond, Floy Zittin, Myrna Wacknov, Kay Duffy and finally Mike Bailey who engraved in me a profound desire to express my emotions and feelings using properly the elements of design.

My latest work uses mixed media that allows me to experiment with techniques, colors, mediums and texture. Oriental papers, cuttings from print media and other papers supplement my paintings. The process of completing the final work is complex, very creative and gratifying. The result can be an abstract, a representation or an imaginative work of art. My most important goal is attain the harmony and unity of the work.