San Francisco Women Artists Gallery

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San Francisco Women Artists Gallery
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Art Gallery

San Francisco Women Artists is one of California’s oldest nonprofit arts organizations. From our humble beginnings and to this day, the mission of SFWA has been guided by the conviction that creating and appreciating art has a unique power to enrich lives, and SFWA continues to support, promote and exhibit the work of talented Bay Area women artists. Each month, a newly juried show brings a new collection of contemporary art to the gallery, including rich variety of ceramics, sculpture and jewelry.

Many people may believe that gender-equality has been achieved in the arts since things have indeed improved elsewhere in modern society – but the reality is that women artists, as they have been historically, are still seriously under-represented in museum collections and galleries. While the social current is shifting towards a greater representation of women artists, societal shifts don’t happen rapidly, often taking generations to fully manifest.

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