San Francisco Women Artists Gallery

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San Francisco Women Artists Gallery
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Art Gallery

Through creativity’s unique power to enrich lives, art connects us, providing inspiration, appreciation and hope. A presence in the San Francisco arts community since 1887, San Francisco Women Artists remains committed to the inspiring and uplifting impact of art by increasing the representation of women in the arts and the encouragement of aspiring young artists. Now more than ever, we are in need of the unique power of art to create unifying bonds among all people by imagining, reflecting, and expanding shared human experience. SFWA is one of a handful of community-based galleries remaining in the City. Each month, a juried show brings a new collection of contemporary art to the gallery, including rich variety of ceramics, sculpture and jewelry.

Despite some positive advances in gender equality in the arts, the reality today is as it has been historically—women artists remain seriously under-represented in museum collections and galleries worldwide. SFWA’s work is devoted to helping shift this paradigm.
While our focus is on women, all genders have always been welcome to join the SFWA organization.

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